Monday, April 30, 2012

Social Worker

One of the benefits to being part of the Early Intervention system was that Abby was entitled to a social worker. At first we quickly rejected the idea of having a social worker working on her case. We are a good, stable family with enough money so why would WE need a social worker? It wasn't until the list of equipment we needed (and insurance wouldn't cover) grew did we okay a meeting. It was a very smart decision.

We met with our social worker and she was lovely from the start! She talked to us about different programs we could participate in. She went through things like getting a handicapped placard for our van to finding an organization who would help pay for Abby's walker. So even though we didn't qualify for social security or anything like that having social worker was still a HUGE benefit. She taught us a ton about the system.

I say this because I am sure there are plenty of parents who have kids like Abby that would say No to a meeting... just like we did. I urge you to think twice about that. Listen to what they have to say. They are an amazing resource and support system.

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