Monday, March 5, 2012

Pain Tolerance

Another topic that has been asked many times regarding kids with rhombencephalosynapsis is their pain tolerance. Many parents report that their RS kid has a higher than normal pain tolerance, especially when it comes to head injuries.

Abby is no exception in this area. She has a MUCH higher than average pain tolerance. We laugh in our family (and yes, I realize how cold it sounds to laugh about such things... life with RS I guess...) when Abby will take a spill, jump up and announce "I'm ok" or "no blood". She has learned, from years of falling, that pain comes in varying degrees and the small stuff is nothing to cry about.

She has hit her head so many times that we believe she has basically scarred her cranium. She can hit her head and barely flinch. She has gotten more eggs, bruises, cuts, scrapes and dings on her head than anyone I have ever met. The fact that she is still as smart as she is after what are probably a fair amount of mild concussions, is nothing short of miraculous.

We have never bothered with officially testing her pain tolerance. Our docs tell us their are ways but as far as we see it what's the point. It's fairly obvious that she is tougher than the average kid. She may be small but mighty!

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  1. Sounds to me, like a pain tolerance test wouldn't be very fun! :( She's a tough cookie -- no need to prove that since we already know it.