Saturday, March 3, 2012

"The Baby"

Last night we took the girls and the boys out to dinner. We just went to a local place since we had four very wild, loud kids. At the restaurant there was this super sweet Mexican woman who helped us. She was INCREDIBLY patient through our (very long painstaking) order, the kids talking over each other, ten reminders for pleases and thank you's. Obviously she had a few kids of her own. :D

After we started eating she came by and starting chatting with Abby. She looked at me and asked "how old is 'the baby'", meaning Abby. Abby looked at the woman and I thought she was going to scream at her. Instead she started crying saying "no one ever thinks I'm the big sister. I am NOT A BABY". The woman felt bad but I don't think she could possibly get the emotion behind Abby's outburst. I explained that they were twins but it still didn't quite do enough.

Up until now being the smallest has been fine. Being tiny was an attribute. Now that Grace stands about 3 or 4 inches taller and weighs a good 8 or 9 pounds more it gets to Abby. She is the older twin (by a whole minute) and wants to be seen as big. Instead she is small and people just assume she is only 2 or 3. Hopefully in time she'll realize that being little can be fun. People think you're a whole lot cuter when you're tiny.

We keep telling her to tell people that she's not tiny she's fun sized but it hasn't caught on yet. ;D

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