Saturday, July 9, 2011

Never gonna be her

This past weekend I was lucky enough to watch my nephew run in a national qualifying meet to go to the junior olympics. He did not qualify this year to go to the olympics but watching these youngsters with so much raw, incredible talent is something worth seeing. So much heart and talent and speed. It is downright amazing.

As we drove home (very tired and quiet since we left at 6 am that morning!) I was thinking. I was running through my head all of the sports that Grace will inevitably want to try. She is extremely athletic, strong and fast and aggressive. I found myself wondering what sport I would some day be watching her excel at.

At the same time it made me sad. We talk about Abby inevitably playing sports or doing dance or gymnastics but in reality it will never be her. She will never get the chance to run a race like that or play in a championship. I HATE placing limitations on her. I HATE to think about what she can't do. We like to focus on what makes her so strong. Her brains. Her sense of humor. Her wit. Her love of music. But sometimes you just have to be realistic. It is not something that will ever be a reality for her.

I know that lots of kids will never be terribly athletic. Not every kid will have that kind of talent. It just makes me a little sad that because of her RS that won't be an option for her.

So while we try different sports for Grace to see what she likes we'll be trying different instruments and dance classes and art lessons for Abby. We'll find her niche just like her sister. Who knows maybe we'll be sitting in Carnegie Hall some day cheering for our daughter. :D

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