Friday, June 10, 2011

Four Years Later

When I think back to four years ago it is astonishing how far we have come. We were expecting our twins. We had no idea what kind of situation we would be faced with. Would they be healthy? Would they stay in the NICU? Would Abby be okay? Would Grace? How would I do with the C-Section?

At that point we had no idea what the future held. We were boldly optimistic. Shortly after Abby's "diagnosis" in utero we made up our minds that she was going to be fine. We wouldn't have it any other way. While we had no idea what kind of fine we would be we just knew we would be it.

Over the next year we found ourselves faced with hours and hours and hours of doctors visits, tests, surgery and therapies. I spent countless hours fighting with the insurance company because at that point I was not a seasoned pro at weaving through the mountains of medical bills. I went to bed so many nights and had no idea what would be coming our way. It would keep us up at night.

But we figured it out. Every obstacle we figured out how to climb it. Every heartache was met with an accomplishment. Every bad day was minimized by a wonderful one. We learned to love our doctors and therapists and nurses. They were a part of our family. The hospital was an odd place of solace for us. The other parents there never stared at our child or asked stupid questions. They understood.

It is through these experiences that we became us. The US we were destined to be. We're more tired and run down. Our hair is grayer and our waistlines are a little less slim. But we are also more compassionate, more understanding and more aware of how fleeting life is. We don't ever take our children or our family for granted. We know that despite how bad things get they could have always been worse.

We are lucky.

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