Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IEP Meeting

Today was the girls IEP meeting. I am going to post more of the details on my other blog but the long and the short is that BOTH girls are eligible and BOTH girls are staying in the same class as this year. Grace has been bumped down to only once weekly OT and Speech but Abby will stay with twice weekly OT and PT. The best part is that it was relatively easy. Anyone who has had to sit through these meetings knows that they can be challenging. See every flaw, limitation and problem your child has on paper can be tough to swallow. For the most part they are coming along so well this year that we were flooded with positive. FINALLY a good one. :D


  1. Yea those are brutal, I remember crying after so many of them. I'm glad you guys had a good one! =)

  2. C - You and me both. So many EI meetings would leave me crying (once in front of all of our therapists, was SO embarrassing!). Glad to have the opposite for once!

  3. I have cried so much in front of them lol. ;)