Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're all clear for next year

We got a notice home from school yesterday notifying us that Abby (and Grace) is eligible for the same school program next year! She will stay in the preschool disabled program and next year the girls will be in the afternoon class. It is such a relief to know that she will be getting the same great level of therapy and support at school as she gets this year. We are hoping to be able to request the same teacher since she already knows the girls needs so well.

Such a relief not having to go into the IEP meetings prepared for battle.

The things that are still a little up in the air are:

1. Keeping the girls together

2. Keeping a 1-on-1 aide for Abby

3.Keeping Abby at 2x a week OT and PT (and not having her therapy cut due to numbers)

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