Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Report Cards

The girls got their "report cards" from school last week. In preschool the report card is more of a progress report. The cool thing is that you can sit and compare where they are now and where they are when they started school in September. The progress is amazing! Abby still has a few 6's (which are skills she should have at her age but are not yet emerging) but by and large she is making so much progress. So many of her 6's have turned into 3's and even 2's (obviously lower numbers equal better mastery of a skill).

Sometimes I look back at the period in time when she couldn't roll over and she was months and months past the typical time period for it. I remember thinking "will she ever walk", "will she ever be able to do normal things", "will people look at her because the way she moves is so unusual". Then she rolled over. Then she crawled. Then she walked with the walker. Then SHE WALKED! Now she runs and jumps and skips and rides a bike and a scooter. It is incredible. We sure have come a long way!

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