Sunday, February 20, 2011


When we talked to the doctor about Abby's sleep issues he immediately Melatonin as the first step. I was eager to start the treatment but had my doubts about whether it would work. He cautioned us that it may take a month to take effect and that it was really a 50/50 chance of working.

We gave her her first pill on Friday night. We decided that since she was present when the doc talked about giving her something for sleep we would be up front with her about what the "white pill" was for. I deliberated whether it was right to put it in her head that she is taking a pill to help her sleep but if there was any merit to even the placebo effect helping I was willing to go there.

Within a half and hour of taking her pill she looked exhausted. I figured it was probably the placebo effect in full bloom. We put her to bed and she was out within 10 minutes! VICTORY!!

The next morning when I asked her how she slept (as I always do) she smiled and said "good mommy, because I had my white pill". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

In the few days since she has slept like a baby. No waking up at night. No problems falling asleep. It has been wonderful. Better than wonderful. It feel so amazing to put her in bed and kiss her good night and know that instead of tossing and turning and talking and crying for two hours she would SLEEP!

It remains to be seen whether this will last or whether it's placebo or whatever but I am looking at it as a small victory for us!


  1. Yay for good sleep! I'm sure it's wonderful for Abby to get really good rest at night. And good for Momma as well. ;)

    Try not to worry about the stigma of giving her a pill. As someone who's run a stint with sleeping pills, I understand the emotional struggle of taking them, but the benefits far outweigh everything else. The same is true with Abs -- her sleep is more important than the asinine comments of some dimwit who's opinion doesn't matter anyway.

  2. M - That's the way I saw it too. Sleep is so critical to any person let-alone a growing child. That HAS to be more important. Hope you have luck with the meds and you get some sleep!!! ((HUGS))

  3. OMG! This is amazing! Melatonin is about as harmless as it gets - I know tons of people who use it. We're on to much bigger and better things as soon as Cici gets bigger, but for now, a serious sedative is the only thing that works. However, we do give Melatonin too (we're up to 6mg, and zip! zilch! nada! in the sleeping dept)

  4. F - The neurogeneticist had us start at 3mg and at a month go to 6 and then in another month (if it isn't working) 9. Seemed pretty heavy dosage but 2.5 seemed to do the trick.