Friday, February 4, 2011


This is not a new theme to my blog... I know I am being repetitive. I think I have blogged about this more on my other blog than here so I am allowing myself one more opportunity to vent about it.

Being a parent of a special needs child of any sort means that your life is full of explanations. You are constantly explaining things to doctors, teachers, family, therapists and on and on. It drives me mad having the same discussion OVER AND OVER AND OVER but I know it is a necessity. I can live with it.

The explanations that are the proverbial "straw that breaks the camels backs" are the everyday ones. The ones where you are in public and someone asks why your child is flapping or a stranger in line wants to make sure you are aware that your child is spitting intentionally or the millionth time explaining to a family member why she rolls her head when she gets excited. Sometimes I explain and other times I avoid But every single time I want to just respond with "none of your damn business". I know it's cold but it's also old. I have been doing this for years. Why are her eyes crooked? Why is she so small? Why is she SO much smaller than her twin? Why does she flap? Why doesn't she look you in the eye? Why does she spit and flap and hit when she sees a baby in a carseat? Why? WHy? WHY?

I WISH I KNEW! Trust me I wish I had an answer. I ask myself the same questions EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have NO answers. I probably never will.

I wish I had this attitude that it is my job to educate people about her condition. But because they will NEVER EVER meet another person with RS why the heck bother?

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