Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update two for the week

SO all the progress we made last week seems to have faded. Brian and I went out for the night to get dinner and run some errands. Abby got herself so out of sorts that she screamed in her bed for two hours. I lost my cool and went in her room and yelled at her and then she quieted down. This whole process is so frustrating. Everyone who has ever had even the minutest problems getting their kid to sleep gives every ounce of advice available. I am not sure they have ever had their baby screaming in agony "it is too hard to fall asleep" until they throw up in their bed.

It isn't just about not *WANTING* to go to sleep. She just isn't able to get herself settled. The frustrating thing is that we have worked for the past two years on techniques for her to self soother and nothing is working at all. She just can't get herself settled when she gets revved up.

Before the girls started school I had some fears about OT moving to a school setting where there would be little focus on home. Now I feel like this is my fear actualized. They might be able to get her to settle for two hours at school but for the remaining 22 hours of the day she is a complete mess.


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