Friday, January 21, 2011


Last week we had Abby's nine month follow up with her ophthalmological surgeon. We have been anxiously awaiting this appointment because the girls OT at school has been seeing problems with Abby's eyes wondering and not fixing properly when she is in session. We have always seen her one eye drift slightly since right after the surgery but the surgeon (who is one of the best in the field) assures us that it does not require a follow up surgery and that glasses are not warranted.

It was the typically long CHOP appointment. She was seen by two residents and a nurse practitioner before we saw the surgeon. Long story short she was VERY cooperative (impressing the office staff by doing her eye exam with letter instead of the typical shapes) AND her eyes looked great. Dr. A didn't think glasses are warranted at this point and he said her vision is a little better than average for her age.

We talked a little about things like vision therapy and he felt that it just isn't warranted. The problems we are seeing are largely neuro (which I anticipated anyway) and trying to treat them with typical vision correction isn't going to help. So I guess that was good and bad news. I am just going to focus on the good part. No glasses and no vision therapy!

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