Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Little Sister

For the longest time I have fielded the question "are they twins". Typically people know they are twins but it is a good opening line. Lately things have started to change. Instead I get "they aren't twins are they". When I say yes they then say "wow, "that one" is so much bigger". (Can I tell how rude I think it is to say "that one"... but people say it ALL THE TIME... anyway). I know Grace looks bigger but I didn't think she looked that much bigger.

So last week I put both girls on my Mom's scale. Grace weighed in at a whopping 36 pounds. Then we weighed Abs. I was shocked that she was still only 27 pounds. 10 pounds less than her twin sister! I couldn't believe the size difference is so huge. I knew when we got Abby's diagnosis that she would likely stay much smaller than Grace. I had no idea the difference would be so stark so early on.

**I thought the picture above really shows how different they are in size.


  1. Yeah, i get this too. Imagine their surprise when i say they're even identical! Mine weigh riughly the same, but one looks like a little girl and the other like a "big baby.". Fun times.

  2. F - You said it sister... fun times. :D

  3. Once a peanut always a peanut :o). Emma just finally tipped the scale at 30 pounds at her 4 year old visit in October. She's not small - she's fun sized :o)


  4. Meg - ROFLMAO... fun sized. :D I love it!

  5. My boys (fraternal) are 3 1/4 years old and very different too.

    Car.sten (typically developing) is a BIG boy at 41 inches, 40 lbs. Al.ex (developmentally delayed, hypotonic etc.) is 39 1/2 inches and 31 lbs!

  6. HM - Isn't it funny how completely different twins can be. :D Like night and day...