Thursday, November 18, 2010

My little chipmunk

I know that there have been a lot of negative posts lately so I finally have something funny to share. Today after school Abby and Grace were playing with the kids next door. They love playing with the little girl who just turned 6. All of the kids were riding bikes and running around our court. It was one of those rare peaceful moments when their mom and I could just stand and chat without anyone crying, whining, falling, hitting, etc. It was nice.

Anyway, the 6 year old girls (who usually plays more with Grace) rides her bike up to me and says "excuse me, I think it's cool that Abby's voice sounds like Alvin... you know the chipmunk". :D LOL... I wanted to burst out laughing on that one. Part of Abby's manifestation of RS is having very small stature and a very high pitch voice. To me it's just her voice but apparently to the general public she is chipmunk like. :D

So funny...

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