Monday, October 18, 2010

Would I have cared?

There are many things in my life now that I can't help but wonder if I ever thought about/cared about/paid any mind to in the past. Things like a child who flaps their arms more than normal or a kid with a big head or a person in a wheel chair. I guess before having Abby I never thought too much about what life would be like for someone who is truly different and not in the I have a weird freckle kind of way. Now it is a way of life.

This past weekend we attended our nephews pee wee football games. We arrived late (shocking, I know) and decided that since Abby was tired we would skip a long walk and use her handicap placard. I was horrified when we pulled up to the two (ONLY TWO for hundreds of people!) spots taken up by recycling cans, the snack cart and a municipal truck. I was not horrified that we couldn't park there (we can just carry her) but horrified that people care so little about something like this. I was so mad I could have screamed. Brian was so mad he called the non-emergency number of the police department. Of course no one came to fix the problem.

Just made me sad that people care so little about people whose lives are different and in most cases more difficult. Although I might not have been an advocate before Abby I sure as hell wouldn't take up the only handicapped spots with a snack cart. Some people are just so clueless and thoughtless.


  1. That sucks. More often than not I've also had problems finding accessible parking. And I can't just carry her, especially in a cast! Agh!

  2. We definitely consider ourselves lucky that at least for now we can carry her. It is getting harder and harder. Starting to think about a more accessible stroller or chair.