Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's next?

In the wake of the blocked handicapped incident we have started thinking about what the next step is. She doesn't need a chair but she is getting too big for the regular sit-and-stand stroller. With my hand in the cast it is hard to carry her and keep Grace safe. It is a challenge. There are strollers that have higher weight requirements (although we can't get her much past 25 pounds) and are for taller kids. They can just be so darn pricey. Not sure what the next step is but we need to find something that is going to make life easier on all of us.


  1. Baby jogger does make strollers that are for older kids and adults. But I wish there was something that let her be more independent without resorting to an electric wheelchair, or a wheelchair at all.
    A neighbor (adult) with post polio who is losing his muscles with use (my mom has this too) has a few thing he uses to make getting around easier when he's too tired to walk/bike.
    He had his regular bike fitted with a motor that he uses when he's tired or for going up hills. I'm wondering if there is something like that for Abby. Maybe a 3-wheeled bike with both pedals and a motor of some kind (and maybe a mommy push handle) would take her for many years and allow her to feel independent.

  2. I have one word for you - CRAIGSLIST. I have gotten all of our special needs strollers or extended jogging strollers from craigslist or from other special needs parents whose kids outgrew them, and spent nearly nothing on them. Right now I have a City Elite jogger (or something to that effect) - it goes up to 100 pounds or something, and is AWESOME. I also have a Special Tomato jogger that I got from a friend that goes even taller/heavier than that. Of course, our seating challenges are much different than yours and our wheechair will get far more use as she gets older, but right now, the jogging strollers are working great - and I also have a twin and a 4 year old to wrangle, and it all works.