Saturday, September 18, 2010

Funny conversations

Our nephew, Will is convinced that he will play in the NFL someday. I love that about him! He is a truly gifted athlete and there actually might be a shot you will hear of him someday. He's that good!

Anyway, he and I were recently sitting at our local high schools varsity football game and we were joking back and forth. It was fairly cold and he started to shiver. Then he got one of those shivers that sort of quakes your whole body. I laughed at him and told him "well now you know what it's like to be Abby." I was totally being funny (and yes, in our family we do joke about such things for better or for worse. We have a 'if you don't laugh, you cry" attitude). He looks at me, pauses and says "When I'm in the NFL can I get her surgery to fix that?" I wanted to just cry. I wanted to cry for how incredibly sweet this 9 year old boy is being towards his cousin. I wanted to cry for the fact that it is noticeable enough that a 9 year old thinks it needs fixing. I wanted to cry for the fact that there is no surgery that can fix her. Instead of crying I smiled and said "no honey, there is no surgery to fix her". He thought for another minute and came back with "well, then I'll hire a chef that can cook all her food vegan". Sniff, sniff. Wipe, wipe. Anyone else want to cry at that one??? I sure as hell did.

It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Again tonight he asked me what Abby has and if in the future anyone might be able to fix her. Brian and I tried our best to tell him no but there are a lot of doctors and therapists that will help make her life better. He took the information in, asked what the future will be like for her and then vowed to use all his "NFL money" to take care of her. We tried to say that while we won't turn down his "NFL money" that Abby will probably not need a whole lot of taking care of. If we do our jobs right that she will be able to take care of herself. He nodded and that was that. All the information he needed to know his sweet little girls is going to be okay.

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