Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doing alright

So far Abby is doing really well with school. Aside from some emotions from both girls (read here for details) they are starting to make the transition. At this point neither girls is getting therapy. They wait two weeks, until the kids have adjusted, to being OT, PT and ST. I love this idea. It's enough at 3 to have to do something so foreign as to leave home without your parents. Tacking on therapy to this might be too much.

I am so anxious to see how Abby does once she is back in therapy. For the past almost 9 months she has basically been without PT. Her last PT was at a loss as to what to do with her so she was practically PT free. I am so curious to see what direction her new therapist will take her. I feel like she has so much progress to make with her motor development if they can give her the direction she needs. It will be very interesting to see.

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