Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One of those nights

This week was the first night of football. When the big kids play football all of the little kids and their parents flock to the sidelines to watch, talk, play, basically any way you can kill 2 hours a day four days a week. My kids and I are no different. We sit the sidelines for Will and Jordan almost every day. There is always a big flock of kids that play together behind where all the parents sit. In previous years the girls have been too young to join the herd. I was very excited when I realized that this year they could join the pack and spend time not sitting and whining for two hours but having fun.

We packed our bag full of toys, snacks and drinks. We went early enough to get a good spot. We were ready. I set up our stuff and encouraged the girls to go join the other kids. None of the kids they are familiar with (from track or lacrosse) were there so that didn't help. Grace joined the other kids fairly easily but I knew from the look on Abby's face that she was out of her element. Most of the kids were bigger and she hates when she is the smallest. It's almost like she knows that everyone else will function well above her.

She spent the next two hours goo-gooing, biting her fingers, rolling around, flapping, etc. It was a very long night. Lately she seems to be back sliding. Her behavior is much more baby like. She has become obsessed with knowing that we have a stroller or a wagon everywhere we go for when she gets tired. The flapping has increased. It's downright frustrating. We know that living without OT and PT is part of it. Probably not all of it. It just seems like she is spiraling down a little. Hopefully it is just a phase. I guess time will tell.

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