Sunday, July 26, 2009

Denied for DDD

I posted about this on my other blog so it is a repeat if you read both. Just wanted to share:

I think I may have mentioned a while back that we were applying for DDD for Abby. It would be money set aside for her therapy equipment, safety equipment and additional therapy and classes for her OT and PT needs. She initially got denied because she did not have an official diagnosis. It pissed me off b/c kids with much lesser needs get it all the time and yet she did not. When she finally got the RS diagnosis we supplied DDD with the new information and I figured with a diagnosis that states she will have long term special needs how in the hell can they deny her.

Well, they did. So some a$$hole who has never heard of Rhombencephalosynapsis thinks they know what it means or how it will impact Abby lifelong. I just wonder why in the hell it has to be such a huge freaking battle. I'm not asking for more that her fair share. I don't need tons of money. I just want to put up a safety stair rail and find a gymnastics class that can meet her needs. I don't feel like I'm asking all that much here.

So they want us to reapply when it has been a year. I am hoping they mean a year from her initial application because that would be Sept. And if they deny her this time I will be appealing it until the cows come home.

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