Friday, October 3, 2014

Itty Bitty

When Abby was born she weighed a mere four pounds and fourteen ounces. She was so small.

I had never held a baby quite as small as she was. As she got older we quickly realized that she would remain  small. She was never on any of the traditional growth charts.

Thankfully our pediatrician was satisfied with watching her grow along her own curve. She was sent to endocrine twice "just to be sure" but everything was seemingly normal.

Over the past seven plus years she has continued to grow at her own rate. Because she is a twin it was always somewhat evident how little she really was. At 7 she weighs just under 40 pounds. Her sister has a good 12 pound advantage and is about 3 inches taller.

Today as I folding laundry something dawned on me. Many of her skirts, shorts, capris and pants are 2-3T. Her waist is so small that we struggle to find pants that will stay up, even stretchy pants. Anyway, as I was folding laundry it occurred to me that my seven year old daughter and two year old son wear the SAME SIZE PANTS! Guess that outlines just how tiny she is.

Posted by Kristen Fescoe


  1. Please remember, that ANY time you need pants/skirts made for her, I will custom alter patterns to fit her. It might make your life a little easier. ;)

  2. M - I think I sometimes forget how amazing you are with a sewing machine. She wears the clothes you make her A LOT of the time. They just fit her better.