Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She fell

Part of rhombencephalosynapsis is falling... A LOT. And Abby is no exception. The difficult thing to explain is that one minute she can look like her balance is perfect and the next minute she will pitch over and fall on her head. People will often look at her and look at me as if I am crazy for saying she has bad balance. I want to follow her with a camera to show people how "on and off" her balance can be. I feel like the inconsistency almost makes it worse.

Anyway, I digress... yesterday I was changing Jack upstairs. Abby is allowed to use the stairs unsupervised if she is careful. We have Care Rails so she has extra support. I heard her start up the stairs and out of nowhere I heard a loud thud and then the horrifying sound of her tiny body falling down the entire flight of stairs.

I am not a panicker by nature but I came close to panicking. I started to run for her, realizing the baby was on the changing table, grabbed him and headed for the stairs. Just as soon as I hit the landing I heard the scream. The high pitched, shriek that RS parents know is reserved for the "bad falls". (You see, most kids with RS can handle falls, that would make other kids cry, with the greatest of ease.) I ran to her expected a mangled, bloody, broken mess. Instead I found a very scared but very okay little girl. We were both shaking and I wanted to just sob. As I ran to her I was already planning how to get to the hospital quick with all three kids by myself.

She was more scared than hurt and I was more thankful than scared. It could have been SO BAD. She said that when she got to the top step she hit her head on the top rail and fell backwards. SHE FELL BACKWARDS DOWN THE STAIRS. The fact that nothing was broken is a complete and utter miracle. I do believe that God must have softened the fall for her.

I spent the better part of last night periodically looking upward and whispering "thank you". I could have spent last night in the hospital or worse. My baby could have been so badly hurt. How did I get so lucky that she was FINE??? God is good!


  1. That gives me goosebumps.

    I'm so incredibly grateful that she is okay and didn't hurt herself by falling. What a blessing for the day.


    Love you guys.

  2. I'm so thankful she is ok. I had tears in my eyes reading this. How do you protect our little ones with RS from everything? She sounds like an incredible young girl.
    God bless you all.
    Jean Ann

  3. Poor Abby! That is a miracle that she is totally fine! Praise the Lord!

  4. I know that sound and scream all too well, it chills my blood as that means there its a bad one and usually a trip to A&E will be involved. Think the saving grace for our kids is their low tone. Emma seems to accept the fall and not fight and stiffen against the impact. Hugs to you all and I hope it hasnt knocked her confidence any.