Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is it the right fit?

I posted this on my other blog so if you read both you can skip this one.

When your child is starting school you worry about so much. Will they be lonely? Will they miss me? Will they like the teacher? Will they like their classmates? You don't typically think about things like what kind of population they will be with. With Abby that is a huge concern for us. When we look at her we see "normal". I am sure plenty of people would look at her and disagree but to us she is just Abby. When we see the kids she will be in class with it is hard. We don't see her as belonging to this special population. I don't think any parent sees their kid this way.

We have asked ourselves over and over "will she fit in"? Not in the traditional sense of how will she get along with her peers but in the sense of "will she be the highest functioning kid? In the middle? We know she isn't the lowest. But will she "belong"???

We have listened to our guts and our heads and our hearts and we still feel a little lost. In the end we listened to the school. They felt strongly about her placement and we are trusting them. We just pray that they are right and even more importantly if they aren't right will they admit their wrong and put her where she belongs.

Right about now I wish we could just be dealing with the run of the mill pre-kindergarten sadness...

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