Wednesday, June 13, 2012

In that vain...

I thought I would piggy back on Heidi's post from earlier this week. Figuring out schedules is a difficult part of parenting an RS child. With most kids you are scheduling around when they will/might be tired. You have to build "down time" into your day. You have extra therapy and doctors visits on a regular basis. You also have to build extra time in to your day for coming and going as RS kids often need more time and accomodations to do "normal" things. School is no exception.

Next year Abby will be in a full day kindergarten. The school district we live in is incredible so it's a program that most people would drool over. She gets all of her PT and OT services right at school on a regular basis. She gets a one on one aide (when she needs it) and gets art, music, computers, library, etc. in addition to the basic kindergarten curriculum. The biggest concern I have (other than being apart from her ALL DAY LONG) is how she will fare physically with such a demanding day. I figure that by the time she gets home she will be an exhausted mess.

The school assures me that plenty of down time is built into the school day but I still wonder. Other issues will arise throughout the year when we have to schedule doctors visits, assessments, etc. but she will likely just miss a fair amount of days. Because she will be there full day I think a few days missed might be okay for her.

But still I worry. Is it too much for her? Does she need a full day program? Should I have gone against their recommendation and put her in the half day integrated class with Grace? Was this the right move? I am trying to remind myself not to second guess my decisions and trust the school but that sure isn't easy!

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