Thursday, September 15, 2011

No More Naps

One of the biggest changes that came with going back to school was the elimination of the girls nap. Over the past four years we have flirted with stopping naps but it has never officially happened. Because Abby tires midway through the day a nap has always been key in keeping her safe later in the day. If she doesn't nap she falls more.

The girls are picked up at 12:20 and don't get home until 3:45 so fitting a nap in isn't really possible. I had some serious fears about what was going to happen to Abby without the nap. At first she did fall more and get super clumsy after school. What we have started doing is having her (and Grace) do an hour of "quiet time" on the sofa after school. It's helping. It isn't eliminating her tiring out and falling but it's definitely helping.

Now here is the serious up side. In the time since we cut out the nap Abby has slept through the night about 80% of the time... for the first time in FOUR YEARS! Amazing!!!

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