Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Gains

While Abby no longer has the label Failure to Thrive we still struggle with keeping weight on her. We refuse to follow the advice of giving her fatty foods and excessive calories. Instead we try to carefully balance he intake of proteins and carbs and calories in efforts to give her body the nourishment it needs. Even with that she often doesn't gain weight for months and months and months. Her most recent stint was 6 months without gaining a single ounce. At her most recent weigh in she has finally gained about 5 ounces! It's not much but at almost four she is closing in on 29 pounds. I always wondered if she'd hit 30 pounds by four. :D

I was in the girls classroom last week for the mothers day tea and one of the other Moms was talking about how her son is so small that he is almost 4 and only wearing 3T. I smiled to myself because the capri pants Abby had on were a size 6-12 months (from Old Navy) :D. She's my little peanut!

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