Monday, February 14, 2011


We're done! We completed our 3 week "course" of brushing so Abby's OT has stepped us down from EVERY SINGLE TWO HOURS SHE IS AWAKE to as needed. Yay!

All in all I am a skeptic (at best). Brian feels like it helped a great deal. I think that is maybe helped a little but other strategies we are using have more to do with it than brushing. Don't get me wrong I do believe that brushing works for some kids and I think it did help somewhat. It just didn't have the major impact that I had hoped for. We saw a slight reduction in the severity and length of her tantrums and it helped a little with her impulse control.

I guess I should have the attitude that anything that helps is worth it but I feel like the ratio between the effort put in and the outcome was probably not really great. Over the past three weeks we have had to fight her every two hours to get her to sit still and be brushed. She hated it the entire time. And at the end the impact was minimal.

At least we can say we tried.

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