Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Behavioralist

This week I had a chance to have a phone meeting with Abby's OT at school. We needed to talk about her new fixations and tantrums in terms of what degree they are sensory based. She armed me with some new strategies to try until we get in to see someone.

She also told me that the township has a behavioralist on staff and she has put in a call to get her on Abby's case. She is apparently trained as an SLP, autism therapist AND behavioral therapist. So she sounds like a great person for Abby. So now we have to wait. She is one person for the whole township so it might take a couple of weeks. The OT is going to try to pull some strings and get us in contact sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed!

We also got word back from CHOP's Behavioral Unit. It looks like it would take at least 8 weeks to get seen. I am also not sure that it would be the best fit. It is very much for children with very serious and dangerous mental illnesses. While I don't want to minimize her need to get help I don't think that is the avenue I want to go down.

We'll see.

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