Thursday, September 23, 2010

More about Will and Abby

I posted recently about Wills questions about Abby and her future. Hopefully you found it as endearing as I did. This week we had another funny "realization" by Will about Abby's condition. We were talking about what Abby life is going to be like (we are trying to figure out why suddenly all the interest in Abby's RS but haven't solved the riddle just yet) and he made what he thought was a startling discovery. Brian was explaining how her brain has problems in some areas but makes up for those weaknesses with other strengths. It is because of this that she is well above average in her intelligence level. After about three minutes of furious wheels turning in his brain we all saw the lightbulb turn on. He says to us "Albert Einstein had RS too... I think." It was hysterical... partly because of his reasoning (wait for it) and partly because Brian has said the same thing many times over.

Ok, so his reasoning... The hair! They both have crazy and wild hair. In his scientific brain he decided that two people with crazy hair and high IQ's must have the same condition. Oh, the innocence of children. I love every single minutes of these intellectual adventures. :D

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  1. Has Will started school recently? I wonder if there is a new 'special needs' child in his class? He may be wondering how to reconcile his cousin and her abilities to this new person. And also of course, how the other kids react. Its a possibility.
    I love how he thinks!