Friday, August 6, 2010

It's official

(This isn't our actual placard... I didn't want to broadcast our number to the world)

Yesterday I got Abby's handicap parking placard in the mail. It was such a weird feeling. I opened it up and read the words permanently disabled person and wanted to cry. I know this is her reality and most of the time it doesn't even bother me. It is those glaring signs that she is "different" that hit especially hard. Something about that blue tag and her little Disabled Person ID Card that felt like they were mocking me. I doubt it is something we will sue very much, at least not now when I can carry her most of the time. It will be huge for places like the hospital where parking is at a premium.

It's still hard. It still feels like some weird stigma I am placing on her. I guess it is all about making adjustments and learning to roll with the punches... two things I suck at. Well, I will consider this practice. :D


  1. You are NOT placing a weird stigma on her. You are acting as a kind, loving parent and accepting the situation you're presented with. You'd suck if you always forced her to "suck it up" and be normal, even when her physical limitations sometimes will prevent that.

  2. M- Thanks for saying that!!! I definitely needed some hand holding here. :D Such unchartered territory for us...