Friday, June 4, 2010

School Update

Seems like I have been a little update happy lately. :D So here goes yet another...

Both of the girls have officially been accepted into the special needs preschool program at our local school. I am such a huge mix of anxious, excited and apprehensive. I am so excited that they both got in. Knowing they will have each other there is huge. I also love the idea that they will now get all of their OT, PT and speech under one roof... and it won't be ours. While in home therapy is great for little kids there comes a point where it becomes cumbersome for the kids and the parents.

What I am anxious and apprehensive about is LETTING GO! How will I let my babies get on a bus and go out into the world WITHOUT ME??? It scares the heck out of me. I know they need it and I know the program is one of the best in the state. That being said it seems so young to be gone every single morning.

Nest Friday we have the girls IEP so we will get the specifics. We do know that Abby will get 2x's a week OT AND PT. She will wear her helmet outside only, which I am glad about. She will have a one-on-one aide to help her get around the school safely. The greatest part is that at the beginning of the school year there will be one teacher and two aides in the classroom and only four students. That is a very nice ratio!

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